Walter Fisher a trecut printr-o perioada grea, in care a pierdut multi bani si s-a ingropat in datorii. Singurul lucru pe care l-a acumulat in acele luni a fost grasimea, acesta trecand de 110 kilograme.

In luna decembrie a anului trecut, acesta a facut insa un pariu cu un alt jucator de poker, care l-a provocat sa slabeasca. El i-a transmis amicului ca poate slabi intr-un timp record. Prietenul sau a promis ca ii da 500.000 dolari daca acest lucru se intampla.

"Eram falit, gras si izolat. Pierdusem controlul asupra vietii mele", a spus el intr-un interviu acordat The New York Post.

Fisher a contactat un antrenor si s-a apucat de treaba, iar in cateva luni si-a transformat fizicul complet.

"Incepeam ziua cu 30 de minute de antrenament intens, apoi o ora de greutati. Am facut asta 7 zile din 7. Ulterior, am crescut la 45 de minute de alergare si 2 ore de antrenament cu greutati", a mai spus el.

"Am mancat ovaz si oua la micul dejun, orez, pui sau curcan la pranz si peste la cina. Am avut grija de alimentatia mea si de ceea ce ingerez", a mai povestit el.

In primele 3 luni, acesta a pierdut 20% din procentajul de grasime si a castigat admiratori. Astfel, Dan Bilzerian a intrat si el in "joc" si i-a promis lui Fisher 50.000 dolari.


8.8 still fucken high from this transformation and journey #wedidit #nevergiveup #beastmode THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT MY FAMILY especially @elenafisher30 @fik2323 @mimiluvsmusic @dannyfisher123 @boris.transmit @alextodd @jefftoddnyc all my friends @mitch_slavuter @dougger6981 @collisionworld @numerals @stan_shtayner108 @adamross17 @s_l_8282 @danbilzerian @magicantonio @billperkins @jeffgrosspoker and there are so many many more people but everyone love you guys for having my back and helping get to a great place in my life. #onelove also Big Shout Out to J @SteelSupplements for lacing me up with the best sups, Jason @Bodyspec for the best Dexas, Doc Phil @Pfcnutriton , and my trainer chris @premiermindandbody

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All I got to say is that I have some special people watching my back. This is dedicated to my Dad who is always watching my back as you can see. I have to really thank my friend, mentor , trainer Chris @premiermindandbody and Doc from @pfc_nutrition, these 2 guys helped me get to levels that I can't even begin to describe on physical and mental levels. This journey was incredible and I ended up finding out a lot about myself in the process. Helped me get to a great place in my life and I'm not stopping here. Let's go and keep on going. #elite #8.8 #wewon #beastmode #scoobmode I'm humbled by you and obviously Lisa @pfc_nutrition as well as @camillaville for the therapy sessions and boy and beast of a human @danbilzerian for dealing of a lot of nonsense for me so I can stay the course and be focused. I'm extremely proud of this achievement bc it was something that was incredible to even come close to and I crushed it ????????????????????????and special thanks to Jason, Monica, Precious, Ashley, Leanne, Chris all @Bodyspec for giving me the best possible tracking of my Dexa scans by working around my schedule. J @steelsupplements thank you for the Andro supplements and testerone boosters to help me retain my muscle throughout this intense cardio days, don't think I could have kept my lean tissue you without them. #steelsuppsdbest

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Sorry folks about the posting updates have been lagging , it's my fault. So the latest was that I was at 12.3 on my dexa scan 2 weeks which was the last one I got, I have till June 22nd to make it under 10 percent by dexa measure. It's really been challenging on the last few percent to burn so my focus has been to make sure my food is prepped and consumed properly and the training. (Weights and cardio) are done in correlation with my nutrition to maximize my results. I have leaned down more from the last dexa i believe. Regardless to go from the left version of me to the right has definitely made me even completely proud of my results. To win this bet on June 22nd will be obviously great but my health and mental focus that is gained through this transformation has been invaluable. Thank you for everyone in my corner for the support and words during my journey. I hope I have given people some inspiration to just work hard and know there is no reason you can't healthier. It's just matter of how bad you want it. #onelove #beastmode #scoobmode #June22ndunder10 #determination #itainteasybutitsworthit #dontgiveup @danbilzerian @billperkins @jeffgrosspoker @premiermindandbody @magicantonio one love ????????????????????????

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